Learning to Walk with God

Discipleship is a crucial chapter, guiding us to acknowledge God in every facet of our lives. It’s filled with learning, much like the way Jesus chose twelve men to learn from Him and, in turn, turn the world upside down.

Discipleship involves understanding that learning is a lifelong process and it’s not always an easy road. When Jesus started His ministry, He didn’t choose scholars or religious elites but ordinary folks willing to take the path of growth. This illustrates that discipleship is for everyone, regardless of background or education.

At its core, discipleship is about instilling discipline in our lives. Discipline, not in the sense of punishment, but as training ourselves to follow certain principles and guidelines. Looking back to the early days in the Garden of Eden, we see the consequences of Adam and Eve’s choice to disobey God’s rules. This incident emphasizes the need for discipline in our lives, a gentle guidance steering us away from disobedience.

Discipline doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a continuous process of learning and correction. Just as the disciples walked with Jesus, stumbling and making mistakes, we, too, stumble in our journey of discipleship. But through these experiences, we learn and grow, becoming better followers of God.

Learning never ceases, and constant learning produces discipline. As we understand God and His ways, we become more adept at acknowledging Him in everything we do. It’s a gradual process where, with each step, we align our lives more closely with His teachings.

The beauty of discipleship lies in its simplicity—learning, growing, and embracing discipline. It’s where we acknowledge God not just in some aspects but in all of our ways. As we progress, we find that discipleship is not a burden but a path to a more meaningful and fulfilling life grounded in the teachings and love of our Creator.

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